Trove Trading Prices Chart (How much flux items cost)

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen, dear Trovians,

It is about time to create a “true & updated” Guide about Trove’s item prices in-game. There are many false and/or outdated pricing lists within the WWW present and massively confuse all Trove customers. This issue is one of many facts which crash the in-game economy and highly impact its balance negatively, but the worst of all is:

It splits up the Trove Community into 2 separate groups with their “own” economies!!
Let’s finally start to avoid this happening.

This guide here will be a constant WiP-project and will be so permanently updated, since prices mostly vary and change every week. To keep up with these changes we have established a team (Grievous, FlyingBazooka, and N3tRunn3r) who will constantly watch after prices carefully to come to an average assumption of Trove’s items in-game.

Navigate through the Table of Content or you can also use “CTRL+F” to search for specific terms. So, if you have got some questions or suggestions for improvement about this Pricing Chart, don’t be shy and post them on the bottom of this page.

Well, let’s begin with the most sold items first… Later the additions step-by-step.

Best Regards from the Price Checking Team,
N3tRunn3r // oreZ (Grievous) // FlyingBazooka

Last Update August 21st 2015


To join the Trading Channel in Trove, simply do that via the in-game Options under the Social tab and/or quickly by typing in into the chat: “/join trade”. Then switch to the Trade Channel with “/3”.

Use “/join price” in chat to enter the Price Check Channel. We would be mostly in there and hope that we get some additional help of other reliable supporters to help you boys and girls out to find correct prices for your items on sale/need.

Use “/join sa” to enter the Shadow Arena Channel, to find active SA-people.

To leave specific channels, enter “/leave <channelname>” into chat.

Please don’t spam your offerings in-game, you will all become reported and blocked!! Stay cool and don’t disturb other people.

Tell your friends about this guide.

Currency & Terms

1 f = 3 g
1 Flux = 3 Glim

1 Infinium = 4 Flux = 12 Glim

1250 Credits = 20-25kf

Term Meaning
1 kf 1000 Flux
1 kg 1000 Glim
1: ~1kf 1 item for “around/average” 1000 Flux
1: ~25kf 1 item for “around/average” 25 000 Flux (20-30kf)
WTB Want to Buy
WTS Want to Sell
WTT Want to Trade / Exchange
LF Looking For …
MD Magic Damage
PD Physical Damage
ER Energy Restoration
HR Health Restoration
MH Maximum Health
JU Jump
gg Good Game
hf Have Fun
gl Good Luck

Today’s UPs & DOWNs

Daily UPs & DOWNs can being held here for a few days, so don’t worry if you see some items “stucked” until their prices “stabilize” again. It is always a matter of “SUPPLY & DEMAND” […]

Item ↑↑↑ UPs ↓↓↓ DOWNs
Quad-Forged Shadow Soul 1: ~16kf
Twice-Forged Shadow Soul 1: 800-1kf
S4 ER/MD~PD Ring 1: ~65kf
Nimble Nimbus 1: ~20kf
Neon Dragon Soul 1: ~2.5kf
Giant Red Panda 1: 1-1.5kf
Giant Fae Panda 1: 1-1.5kf
All RARE Fish 1: 1-3kf
All ENCHANTED Fish 1: ~2.5kf
Jelly Knight 1: ~7kf
Radiant Steed 1: ~20kf
Restless Eye 1: 10-15kf
Balefire Phoenix 1: ~35kf
Domo Gato 1: 25-30kf
Ari Gato 1: ~30kf


Ore Currency
Shapestone 3: 1f
Formicite Ore 2: 1f
Infinium 1: 4f

Extraordinary Ores

Extra Ore Currency
Primordial Flame 1: 5f
Golden Soul 1: 5f
Somber Soul 1: 5f

Shards & Crystals

Shard Currency
Crystallized Clouds 2: 1f
Glacial Shards 1: 2f
Radiant Shards 1: 2f
Shadow Shards 1: 10f

Biome-specific Resources

Biome Resource Currency
Bleached Bone 1: 5f
Bottle 1: 5f
Enchanted Wood 1: 5f
Faerie Dust 1: 5f
Robotic Salvage 1: 10-15f
Wild Cupcake 1: 5f
Sticky Ichor 1: 5f
Eye of Q’bthulhu 1: 5f
Golden Seashell 1-2: 1f

Gardening Resources

Gardening Resource Currency
Sunlight Bulbs 3: 1f
Mushroom Chunks 1: 3f
Steed Feed 1: 5f

Chests & Caches

Item Currency
Miner’s Trove 1: 50f
All Caches 1: ~800f


Coin Currency
Dragon Coin 1: 2.5-3kf
Class Coin 1: 10-15kf
Chaos Coin 1: 350-450kf ++


Key Currency
Shadow Arena Key 1: 400-500f
Golden Key 1: ~20kf

Souls & Essences

Item Currency
Azulian Dragon Essence 1: ~2.5kf
Azulian Dragon Soul 1: 5-6kf
Neon Dragon Soul 1: ~2.5kf
Twice-Forged Shadow Soul 1: 800-1kf
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul 1: ~5kf
Quad-Forged Shadow Soul 1: ~16kf
Penta-Forged Shadow Soul 1: 30-35kf

Fish, Scales & Fishing Poles

Item Currency
All RARE Fish 1: 1-3kf
All ENCHANTED Fish 1: ~2.5kf
Ancient Scale 1: 500-700f
Enchanted Scale 1: ~1.2kf
Wish Fisher 1: ~10kf


Pinata Currency
Shadow Pinata 1: ~80kf
Winter Pinata 1: ~20kf
Prancing Pinata 1: ~15kf
All other Pinatas 1: ~20kf


Wing Currency
Neon Nightsky 1: 30-35kf
Wings of Darkest Night 1: 20-25kf
Chaos Butterfly 1: 35-40kf


Mount Currency
Domo Gato 1: 25-30kf
Ari Gato 1: ~30kf
Runemaster’s Record 1: ~30kf
Fae Boughskimmer 1: ~25kf
Nimble Nimbus 1: ~20kf
Radiant Steed 1: ~20kf
Chaos Hound 1: ~25kf
Giant Red Panda 1: 1-1.5kf
Giant Fae Panda 1: 1-1.5kf
Pink/Blue Cookiephant 1: 8-10kf
Pemblocks 1: ~600f
Meownts 1: ~700f
Jelly Knight 1: ~7kf
Fast Frank 1: ~2.5kf
Kami of Scorched Skies 1: ~25kf
Kami of Sheltered Shores 1: ~35kf
Prodigial Peridoter 1: ~4.5kf
Balefire Phoenix 1: ~35kf
Truefire Phoenix 1: ~30kf
Bouncy Ladybug 1: 20-25kf
Restless Eye 1: 10-15kf
Eggster Bouncer 1: 10-15kf
Chocolate Chicanery 1: 10-15kf
Paunchy Dragon Pup 1: ~1.5kf
Shuffling Shrimp Nigiri 1: 10-14kf
Delicious Dragon Roll 1: 10-14kf
Blue/Pink Budgie Buddy 1: 8-10kf
Spider 1: ~30kf

Mag Riders

Mag Rider Currency
Dance Pad 1: ~20kf


Ally Currency
Treasure Commons 1: 100-200f
Treasure Uncommons 1: 600-800f
Treasue Rares 1: 6-8kf
Diggsly 1: 600-800f
Chronomancer Qubesly 1: 6-8kf
Shield Servitor 1: ~8kf
Samantha 1: ~20kf
Cotton Candy 1: ~30kf


Item Currency
All Primal Blocks 100: 1f
Bomb 1: 1-2f
Uncommon Diamond 1: 10f
Shadow Diamond 1: 20f
Shadow Arena Key Fragment 1: 1f
Shadow Arena Key Gem 1: ~10f
Heart-a-Phone 1: ~3kf
Tentacle of Q’bthulhu 1: 80-100f
Blank Scroll 1: 80-100f
Heart of Darkness 1: 5-6kf
Pearl of Wisdom 1: 800-1kf
Twinkling Tome 1: ~1kf
Perfect Prism 1: ~1kf
Purifying Dragon Flame 1: 3-3.5kf


Item Currency
Acidic 1: ~25kf
Lunar Ronin 1: 25-30kf
Heartbleed 1: 20-25kf


About Shadow Rings

ER/MD ~ ER/PD Rings Endgame content, maxed price
Jump’n’Fun Rings on lower half price
Mixed Stats have averaged prices.
Shadow Ring Currency
S1 ER/MD~PD Ring 1: ~100f
S1 Jump Ring 1: 0-50f
S2 ER/MD~PD Ring 1: ~800f
S2 Jump Ring 1: ~200f
S3 ER/MD~PD Ring 1: 4-5kf
S3 Jump Ring 1: ~1.5kf
S4 ER/MD~PD Ring 1: ~65kf
S4 Jump Ring 1: 10-15kf

Common Failures & Misleading Issues

Infinium is NEVER 1:2f
Q’Eyes are NEVER above 1:6f
Jump Rings are NEVER 2nd-best stats/equipment

//!!!\\ SCAMMER LIST //!!!\\

Name Reason
  • Tried to sell items to Grievous for “Discounted” price but after calculation he added on 10k
  • Also said if NuRRu gives him terraformer so he can become arhitect, ended up being kicked after transaction
  • Scammed Noxious out of a Chaos Coin. (300k)
  • Scammed users with changing the soul’s.
  • Stole Theharpianoguy’s club chest, trade post , 41 neon caches and 40k flux and some shadow level 1 items
  • Hired for building and griefing



Credits go to Grievous‎ for his ordinary, precise and calculated price listings in-game, as well as to FlyingBazooka.

  • Alessiazul

    Great Job

  • Frostee

    I’d like to say that Pemblock’s have dropped in price again, I see them selling for 3 – 4.5k flux now, consistently (some people can’t even sell for 4.5k anymore, the Pember hype has died down)
    Also, store fast mounts usually go for 1:1 (1 cubit : 1 flux) in my experience, so they usually sell pretty consistently for 3.5 – 3.6k
    Infinium is on the rise and I see it for (on the high end) 1 : 2 flux
    I saw 2 pieces of 6 * gear going for 3k flux and two 7 * pieces going for 6k flux on the trade today, he didn’t advertise for long so I’m willing to bet he sold some/if not all of his stuff

    • GT_075

      do people just go to trading posts to sell their stuff because as far as i can tell theres no ingame marketplace

      • KrazyUkranian

        You are right, there is no marketplace and the closest thing to marketplace is this Reddit sub-forum

        • jj.knowles

          do /join trade, for the trade chat

      • star1954

        There is now a player marketplace, hit u

    • sombodee

      pfft pemblocks are only about 1k flux now i saw some people selling them

  • Tathar Nuar

    Thank you for using my guide, but please post a link at the top referring people to the subreddit where I post it, so people have access to the most current guide. I have one for the current patch on Google Sheets, and tomorrow’s patch will bring another edition of the guide. I’ll have a more appropriate link posted as of next patch’s edition.

  • Chris S

    Costume sales exploded a while ago. Most are going from 20k to 40k.

  • amoswong

    what does momentum refer to?

  • Motormax

    how much are shadow keys

  • th3psych0g4m3r aka (Kewin)

    This guide really helped me from getting tricked into buying something that isn’t that expensive =^.0^= danke danke (y)

  • Ndom

    Take note. Tylee1115 just scammed TGG Mavericks club for Sky Realm portal, Portals specially U5 and U6, and club chests along with shadow lv 1 and 2 rings.

  • NobGobbler

    shawrock promised me 10000 flux for something, then only provided 1000 and refused to do any tradebacks. Claimed that if I reported him he would ruin my life. Ugh.

    • Idk

      Report him you don’t know him

    • star1954

      He can’t hurt you or ruin your life

  • MrDigous 776

    How much does a s4 PD & MF ring values?

    • Kevin Amend

      Lower middle price. The ER rings are 60kf and you can sell stability, magic find and knockback for around 30k sometimes if people need it. Magic find is kind of impractical higher up, so I’d say a good asking price is 25-35k

  • Joseph Serrano

    what about the orange block???

    • craftingpedro

      500 blocks = 50 flux.

  • Wraith

    how much is a blue manta ray worth?

    • WitCheR11

      800-1000 flux

  • Avrus Savur

    Any reason Faerie Dust is priced the same as steed feed despite the fact that steed feed can be farmed much more easily? Along with the fact that no one is ever selling faerie dust due to how hard it is to come by requiring much more time for larger quantities?

    • craftingpedro

      Stted Feed is actually much harder to get.

  • JJmythblood338

    _ _

  • Winson Tran

    i would like to note that as of right now na trove, shapestone 1:1, formicide 1:1, and infinium 1:5, but everything else is on point

  • Peter Nesto Marion Acojido

    any updated list?

  • Joie Reynoso

    how much does the costume Santa Barbarian cost?

    • craftingpedro

      Around 15k. I not sure about it , but my club (the club is a trading/prices club) says that is around 8k-20k.

  • AK

    Oh God this guide really needs to be updated or taken down, a lot of the prices are WAY off; given the popularity of this site in search results, it could result in a lot of players unfamiliar with the economy being scammed out of flux.

  • AK

    Oh God this guide really needs to be updated or taken down, a lot of the prices are WAY off; given the popularity of this site in search results, it could result in a lot of players unfamiliar with the economy being scammed out of flux.

  • YourFatherVoldemort

    This guide is shit.. it doesn’t help me at all. The prices listed up there are not real. In reality things are cheaper.

    • craftingpedro

      But this is antique , if u go to Trove all the caches are 1.000k (except seasonal ones and Miner’s Trove)

  • YourFatherVoldemort

    This guide is shit.. it doesn’t help me at all. The prices listed up there are not real. In reality things are cheaper.

  • star1954

    Right now, the price of sunlight bulbs are around 1 bulb for 4 flux in the player marketplace.