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Are you looking to trade an item? Not sure how much it costs and who to trade it with? This is where this classifieds board comes in! Place an ad with your terms and your in-game name. WARNING, no real money should be offered, only in-game barter. All users caught selling items for real money will be reported to game developers.

  1. Click "Place Ads" to create an ad.
  2. Select category
  3. On the next screen enter your ad's title. Make sure you include item's name and flux amount in the title. This is how marketplace system search works.
  4. Enter your name. This name will be visible in the ad.
  5. Enter your email. When someone decides to contact you, this is where the email will be sent. THIS EMAIL WILL NOT BE OPENLY VISIBLE.
  6. Add description of your offer.
  7. On the next screen don't add any images. Just click "Place Ad" button.
  8. Your ads will stay up for 5 days and you will be able to extend them if you still have your items. After 5 days your ad will be automatically deleted.

P.S. Please keep in mind that this marketplace is in beta and will be improved as we go. Let me know via website feedback if this is useful and what kind of functionality you'd like to see.

Category: Trove Mag Riders

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